We can tell you all day how wonderful we are and how great our products are, however, it's much more believable when you hear it from those who are working with us and using our products.  Here's some insight from our great customers!

"...we started using Selectrocide last week - less than 2 weeks so far - it seems to be working great! - nobody in our custody or staff has corona virus - product seems to be effective, sanitizes, disinfects, deodorizes really well - being used in sheriff's offices, jail, justice center, admin, courtrooms and in our patrol cars - fogging county offices 2x/wk at present - using it [Selectrocide] to disinfect cages in patrol cars after each use..."
B.S., Clear Creek County CO Sheriff's Office

"I've always resisted using any kind of hand sanitizer because they are always sticky and stinky - I don't like the stink and I don't like the alcohol!  The Q8 hand sanitizer is so different!  The moment you put a small amount of the Q8 on your skin it goes on so smoothly and leaves your hands feeling so soft and clean.  In addition, it has so many more healing benefits than alcohol based products."
C.R., Exec Dir of multiple CO non-profit organizations

"Before trying the Q8 antimicrobial hand sanitizer my fingertips were cracked and bleeding from washing my hands so often and the drying effect of the alcohol in conventional hand sanitizers.  After just 4 applications of the Q8 antimicrobial hand sanitizer my fingertips have almost completely healed...  an added benefit to knowing that I am protected against germs for up to 4 hours after application.  This is truly a remarkable product!!" 
Lori S