Skin Guard Hand Sanitizer

We only carry and recommend 1 hand sanitizer and this is it - works like an invisible glove!
Contains NO alcohol, petroleum products, water or alcohol.
Our PREMIUM EPA & FDA approved PATENTED hand sanitizer is rated for 4 hours of forward protection after application.
Approved by FDA for medical & healthcare professionals.
Shake hands with confidence again - up to 8 handwashings in this time period can be tolerated with continued protection.
This product will actually heal chapped, cracked skin and rashes caused by alcohol sanitizers.
The 1oz container fits easily into a pocket or purse - keep in car year around - unaffected by temp extremes.
~225 applications/bottle = ~$0.09/applications
1 of 1 Items
1 of 1 Items

Small bottle is easy to carry in pocket, purse or vehicle. Each 1oz bottle provides approx 225 metered applications!
Alcohol free Skin Guard Hand Sanitizer will change the way you think about sanitizer forever!
 Alcohol Free
 Softens Hands
 Long Lasting
 Petroleum Free
Skin Guard Protects

In certified 3rd party tests Skin Guard successfully tested against 4x more species of bacteria, virus and fungi than required by the FDA with a kill rate of over 99.99%.
Testing showed that in 1 minute Skin Guard SUCCESSFULLY KILLED:
Staphylococcus aureus MRSA
Escherichia coli
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Clostridium difficle (c-diff)
And eight more common pathogens
 Testing also showed that Skin Guard:
Aided in the reduction of the feline neuro virus by 43% in 30 seconds
Reduced candida auris by 90% in 2 minutes
Is effective against foot fungus

Our technology allows water vapor/perspiration to naturally pass through the applied film layer and provides a high level of hydrophobicity, preventing contaminated water from coming into intimate contact with human skin. 
Alcohol free Skin Guard Hand Sanitizer protects the skin from depleting its natural lipid content, helping to avoid or significantly reduce dermatitis. In addition, its formula reduces the ability of dirt and grime to adhere to the skin, ensuring cleaner hands.
Skin Guard is Long Lasting
providing an invisible shield that protects for up to 4 hours, despite multiple hand washings.
1 application of Skin Guard Hand Sanitizer = up to 4 HOURS of protection!
 1 application of Alcohol-Based Sanitizer = up to only 2 minutes of protection
Skin Guard Softens
Alcohol free Skin Guard Hand Sanitizer actually softens and provides relief for dry, cracked skin.
Study participants reported that it didn’t just sanitize but actually RESTORED their dry and cracked hands!

For Use By Personnel Involved with:
Health Care Providers 
Emergency Medical Services
Food Service 
Airlines and Airports
On-site Service Providers 
Cruise Ships
Package and Mail Delivery
Reception Areas
Cannabis Growers
Bulk Food Handlers
First Responders
Child Care
Dental Offices
Gyms & Studios
Corporate Offices
Restaurant & Various Food Services
Barbers & Beauticians
Schools & Universities
All Public Interaction Personnel
Transportation Professionals
Shipping & Handling
+ Global Markets

Skin Guard was introduced September 2019 to attendees of The Experience show in Las Vegas and met with overwhelming interest and excitement! Skin Guard was introduced to the public in mid-2020.