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SAFER SPACES is essential protection against AIRBORNE viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic or mold spore risks where you live, learn, work, play and travel. 
Q8, our alcohol, water & petroleum-free PREMIUM HEALING 4-Hour Hand Sanitizer is back in stock!

LiquaSan (dry = 4 gal liquid @ 200ppm = $4.37/gal RTU @ 100ppm)

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Product Description

Thoroughly destroys most organic odor-causing contaminents and cleans enclosed areas without damaging components like ozone can do.  Individual dry packets are activated when placed in tap water.  Finished product is liquid.  Follow instructions to deodorize and cleanse enclosed spaces (see detailed product instructions).  Keep direct sunlight from room/area/vehicle/etc throughout entire process.  Maintain temperature in treated area above 50F, above 70F is optimal.  Spray, fog or wipe area/equipment according to specific product instructions.  Moving air at low speed throughout treatment area will cleanse area more completely.  Final cleaning, wiping or rinsing of treated area is not required.  CLO2 disinfects 2-3X more aggressively than bleach yet is more "friendly" to humans, animals & the environment.  Product is neutralized in direct sunlight. 

Use on wood, tile, concrete, canvas, porous & non-porous surfaces & fabrics that can be cleaned with water.  If using on fabrics, always do a colorfast test in an inconspicuous area.

LiquiSan offers the consumer chlorine dioxide in a liquid form for deep penetration into porous surfaces where odors are trapped. It can be used on any and all substrates in autos, RV’s, boats, homes, hotels and storage spaces to neutralize all odors.

LiquiSan is often used as a pre-treat prior to a GAS treatment.


KIT CONTAINS: 1 LiquaSan packet (BLUE) sealed inside a white foil pouch to make a  stock solution (do not open until ready to use)

FOR MAKING THE SOLUTION: 5 gallon pail (packet needs to completely submerged)


Use with a sprayer, fogger or mop in bathrooms, kitchens, garage floors, basement floors, vehicle interiors and more.

For application tools, consider our COLD WATER fogger. 

WARNING! Do not use on: linen, suede, household carpets or instrument panels/displays and acrylics.  


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