Disinfectant Gas

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The design and complexity of buildings and vehicles enables them to easily harbor odors caused by tobacco or other SMOKE, stale and spoiled foods, human and animal urine and waste, as well as mold and mildew and numerous other organic sources.

These odors can easily penetrate deep into porous and fibrous surfaces, leaving behind residual odors that can negatively affect occupants and are impossible to remove with traditional cleaners and odor eliminators.

DeOdorPRO is simple to use and cost-effective. We offer three size packets, 25g and the 50 and 100g fast-release packets to treat any size space or problem.  For larger space treatments, our 50g and 100g packets offer double the performance, double the value compared to any competing product!

There are no masking, cover-up scents or harsh chemicals left behind. DeOdorPRO creates a clean fresh-smelling environment and is safe for everyone as well as the environment with no post-treatment cleaning normally required.

For heavy duty odors, we recommend using LiquaSan liquid deodorizer in tandem with the gas treatment for maximum results!Sizing recommendations for residential & commercial spaces with normal sanitization and deodorizing requirements (for ceiling height 8'-0"):25g pack ~ 250 sf or small to mid-sized vehicle or up to 2,000 cu ft50g pack ~ 500 sf or large to SUV sized vehicle or up to 4,000 cu ft100g pack ~ 1000 sf or special use, contact us for more information or up to 8,000 cu ft
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Depending on the size and scope, frequency and complexity of your project(s)
there is no reason to think you cannot safely and successfully use this product yourself.  
For larger scope and more complex projects you may wish to engage the services of a professional.

Here are the general steps you should take before you jump into the project:
READ AND FOLLOW the product label carefully for the product you choose to use
Locate and use protective gear (eye protection, hand protection, etc) as directed

If you're working with a vehicle, the best time to activate the product is in the evening allowing for full overnight treatment.
Find a dark location, preferably with a temp in the range of 40F to 70F overnight
If you're working on indoor space, the time of day isn't as important however, make sure the space is dark and has no direct sunlight.
Make sure no children or animals have access to the vehicle/space during the treatment process - using warning sign in package is recommended
Make sure all windows and vents are closed (unless you desire to include these HVAC ducts/equipment in the treatment)

Fold a cloth or towel in a central location in the vehicle (armrest works great) and place the plastic tray in a stable and level location or
if in an interior room use a countertop or a centrally placed box or similar stable platform to raise the activation tray from the floor for best results
Fill the tray to the defined depth with tap water according to the package  and gently slide the packet into the water
Product will activate slowly and continue to outgas for some time, DO NOT re-enter the vehicle/space
until the following morning or full treatment period has been completed

Open the doors and windows and allow vehicle/space to vent properly
Carefully remove tray and spent ClO2 package and dispose of safely
After ventilating, you're ready to go!
Further cleanup is normally unnecessary.