Sanitize NOW! is here to keep your places, spaces & surfaces sanitized to reduce your risk of pathogen exposure. 

Founded in 2020 by a small team of experienced, highly committed individuals desiring to provide the best and safest disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorants available on the market today to support personal hygiene as well as living and workspace disinfection products and mobile vehicles and equipment sanitization.  Please see our additional product and general information on this website.  

Jon R Sorensen, is a Sanitize NOW! co-founder and an Air Force Veteran "Bioenvironmental Engineer & Medic" with substantial experience in this realm.  He has completed numerous certifications and has significant experience in water and air testing, biohazard monitoring and cleanup and has performed the duties of an industrial hygienist while in the military.  Often functioning as a oversight officer to maintain compliance under OSHA & EPA guidelines he has directed HAZCOM programs and has been HAZWOPER certified.  Jon's specialized experience includes drinking water monitoring for standards compliance, trauma scene and "meth house" remediation with earlier certifications.Jon was born in CO and is an enthusiastic and lifelong entrepreneur with a BA in Finance from Colorado Christian University and an MBA from Colorado Technical University.   He has been involved in the restoration and environmental fields for the past 25 years in which time he owned and operated his own cleaning and restoration business.  He currently holds certificates in mold, water, odor, fire cleaning and restoration. He is also a licensed building inspector in the state of Colorado.  Contact me at 720.202.6152 or jon@sanitizenow.net

Steve Runkel, is a Sanitize NOW! co-founder and a seasoned entrepreneur and business executive.  Steve and Jon originally teamed up while working together in a restoration business and planned to join forces again - this being the fulfillment of that plan.  He has worked extensively in the real estate industry in areas including waterfront land development, industrial, commercial and residential property negotiations, sales and management in 26 states and internationally. For many years he has driven business development/sales efforts nationally and created innovative methods to create and maintain long-term, successful client/customer relationships.  Steve's corporate training, consulting and client/customer development, as well as his systems design, finance & operations experience have proven valuable in bringing Sanitize NOW! online and focused on the execution of our mission.  Contact me at 303.566.5121 or steve@sanitizenow.net